Review: LUSH Daddy-O Shampoo

Have you ever had a product you love be discontinued? If so, you’ll know the agony I recently went through trying to hunt down L’Oreal Professionnel shampoo/conditioner for silver (i.e., blonde) hair. If you haven’t experienced this type of let down, let me assure you that it sucks. I still remember when L’Oreal discontinued the hair colour my mom used and she phoned the head office in Toronto to ask what she was supposed to do instead.

But rather than picking up the phone, I did what all typical Millennials do: I spent days researching the “best purple shampoo” only to come up with old marketing ploys for the discontinued L’Oreal products. Eye roll.

The extent of my research

The next product that came to mind was LUSH Daddy-O. I’ve been curious about this shampoo for the past few years as I’ve gone in-and-out of blonde phases, and decided to give it a go. I opted to request a sample in-store, as opposed to purchasing a full bottle, since I’d seen mixed reviews online during my ‘intense research phase’ (on Pinterest). Retail price starts at $15.50 NZD for 100mL, so the sample was definitely worth trying first.


My initial reaction

The scent is very ‘earthy’ like most LUSH products – although while some are overpowering, this one was light and pleasant. The colour of the shampoo itself is a deep purple and spreads very easily, however, I had to use nearly a full sample size for my hair – since although the hairs are fine, I have a lot of hair. Just ask any stylist who has coloured my hair for the first time and had to reschedule their next appointment.

The results

I’ve found that toning shampoo can often be quite drying – no matter how moisturizing it promises to be – but I wasn’t quite prepared for this. Even after using my regular conditioner (*note that all of the hair products I used were exactly the same as my regular hair routine, to create a ‘controlled’ environment for this product test), my hair  felt completely exposed to the elements. It was stringy and rough, to the point that I was afraid to brush my hair while it was wet. My usual blow dry before bed left me with a hilarious poof that I wish I’d taken a photo of, simply for laughs.

Does it pass the Windy Welly humidity test?

The next day was humid and windy – nothing unusual for Wellington. My typical hair routine combats the humidity and my hair is generally manageable and smooth even on the worst of days. But after using Daddy O, not only was I left with tangled and unrurly hair, but I didn’t notice any reduction in brassy-ness after the initial wash, while I tend to see a noticeable difference with other toning products I’ve used.

I’d actually ran out of my regular shampoo the day before, so the photo on the left is with using a cheaper, drugstore brand shampoo (retail price about $3.99). and even that left my hair more manageable than Daddy-O (right photo).

[Above: Before and after. I’m smiling in the “after” photo but that’s just to cover my discomfort of having dry, static-y hair.]

Apparently this was developed by the LUSH creator himself. Now, I have no doubt that he loves this shampoo, but, how long was his hair at the time? Short hair (i.e., less than two inches long) hardly requires conditioner because scalp oils are able to distribute naturally throughout the hair shaft. Which leads me to believe that this was the case with good ol’ Mark’s hair. Either that or he loves frizzy, exposed hair cuticles. Could go either way, really.

The verdict

I wanted to love this product. I really did. The only nice thing I can say about it is that it smells beautiful and the scent doesn’t seem to linger like some of the other LUSH products do. It just didn’t deliver once I left the shower.

So unless you’ve got money to burn, live in a climate with zero humidity, and don’t mind snagging your brush on your gorgeous hair – I’d give the Daddy-O shampoo a pass.


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