Final training week: My first powerlifting competition

There’s a lot going on in our lives right now. I’ll soon be on the job hunt, Brett and I are currently searching for a new apartment, I’m doing a competition this weekend, and Brett’s competing soon. Our flat is basically a hub of giant water bottles, preworkout and gym gear.

Opening attempts

In prep for the competition this weekend, I had a long training day on Monday to practice my opening attempts (there are 3 attempts at each lift during a competition – the goal is to have the 3rd attempt be your heaviest possible). I had an idea of what I wanted to open at when I went into the gym on Monday, and although I had a rough time with squats, my bench and deadlift were on point for opening lifts.

For the meet, here are my predicted openers (there’s always room to adjust on the day, although I likely won’t open higher than this):

Squat: 90kg

Bench: 45kg

Deadlift: 95kg

(See opening attempts, along with a lovely squat fail on my Instagram page).

But the best piece of advice came from my friend Vicky after I posted about my failed squat (you may have to zoom in):


“No one remembers where you start, just where you finish.”

Yes, I want to have a high opener – but Vicky is 100% right (and has been full of useful tidbits like this the past couple of years I’ve known her). So, I’ll have to set my ego aside on Saturday, especially for the opener.

Prep for the meet


Of course, it wouldn’t be a powerlifting meet without an obscenely large stash of carbs for post weigh-ins. Each time I’ve attended Brett’s competitions I’ve gazed longingly at the abundance of candy, doughnuts, Pop Tarts, Oreos and energy drinks that lifters consume without guilt or hesitation.

Now that it’s my turn, I’m actually going to opt for some low-key foods instead, which will include Bliss Balls, banana, a protein bar and preworkout (to name a few). I’ve tried training on a stomach full of sugar and it’s just not for me.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Hands down the best bliss balls, and I’ve tried them all!


Let it be known (if it isn’t already) that powerlifting is not a glamourous sport by any means. You will get sweaty, chalky, caked with baby powder, and will make some of the most hideous faces you can imagine. But, the great thing about powerlifting is that it doesn’t matter what you look like. You win by performing better than anyone else. And that’s what drew me to the sport in the first place.

That being said, I’ve been gifted with a shiny new SBD singlet for the event, and will be wearing my trusty grey Converse sneakers, SBD knee sleeves, wrist straps and belt throughout the competition.

So I’m about as glamourous as humanly possible.


Also in prep for the comp: I’ve booked a manicure/pedicure appointment for the next day – and I’m sure I’ll be stopping in at Midnight Espresso (*best spot for late-night cakes in Wellington, IMO).

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

We’ve been known to hit up Midnight Espresso 3 times in a week. Their cheesecake and vegan cakes are irresistible! And they’re open until 3am. So there’s not reason not to go.


Honestly, I’m slightly terrified. When I think of what could possibly go wrong, it’s that I miss my lifts and bomb-out completely. But realistically, even if that were to happen, it’s not that big of a deal (or at least that’s what I tell myself). It’s a Novice competition. And I’ve said it before that I’m not worried about what others will be lifting that day – I’m just there to do my absolute best.

I’m also excited. Excited to experience a competition as a powerlifter and not from the audience. I love watching Brett (+ my strong friends) compete. The first competition I went to was Canadian Nationals 2015 in St. John’s, Newfoundland to watch my friend Maria. And I never imagined I’d be competing one day – especially in New Zealand. 😊

I started training for this competition in February – and I remember how bizarre it felt to wear a belt for the first time. Since then I’ve felt strong/ weak/ motivated/ determined/ unmotivated/ over it/ excited again.

It’s really been an interesting few months and I have come such a long way since day one. Now I’m ready to put it all together and bring my best this weekend.




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