Take the risk

“Just don’t go having a baby!”

This was my colleague’s reaction after I disclosed the latest happenings in my life. She told me that the three most stressful things in life are: Job hunting, Moving and Having a baby. I was planning to accomplish the first two simultaneously, along with training for a powerlifting competition. (Relax – no babies.)

And I didn’t just receive this reaction from one person – but several – about how “stressful” it must all be and that I must be crazy to do it all at once. And I couldn’t help but think that these are the same excuses they tell themselves when they don’t want to put in extra effort.

When something in my life is causing me stress, uncertainty or is simply no longer enjoyable – I do everything I can to change it (of course, using common sense and smart planning).

Here’s where I’ve made some recent changes.

I hated (re: loathed) our tiny downtown apartment – so we found a large flat set amongst a botanical forest and asked our landlord to end our lease early. We are no longer crammed into 400 square feet and it’s now actually enjoyable to come home in the evenings.


I can’t quite explain how much I love this view while enjoying a morning coffee…

I seriously lacked motivation to train after my last competition – so I joined a Crossfit gym to mix things up and it got me excited about working out again. My new training program for the November powerlifting competition started last week and I’ll be mixing the two sports to keep things interesting.

I felt zero fulfillment working in Admin/EA roles – so I branched out and found a role that better aligned with my interests and university education. My salary is now 50% higher than that of my first contract in New Zealand.

All this happened within a few weeks. And it was far from impossible.

I’m not trying to gloat – but to put things in perspective. Although the changes seem big, they took minimal effort and landed me in a vastly different situation.

People get so caught up in worrying, procrastinating, and stressing that they don’t even get to the doing part. Time passes by and they wonder why they are still working the same crappy job, living in a city they despise or are just unhappy with their life in general.

They have excuses that make them feel better about being mediocre. And they will try to inflict these on you, too.

Promise me this

The next time you have an idea in your head – make it happen. Forget about the negatively that others try to impose on you because they are too afraid to change themselves.

Bite off more than you can chew. Pursue something that seems impossible. Take the vacation. Move to your dream city. Find a hobby. Start a new career. Join a gym. Do it all at once and take a risk.

I’ve never regretted it.


7 thoughts on “Take the risk

  1. selviafei says:

    Agree.. enjoy your life 😉 congratz for the new home and the new job.. to come out from the comfort zone might be dreadful for some people.. but we have to be brave to get even more comfort zone (well who never knows if we’re not trying)..

  2. Judy Adamson says:

    I like the post too and now I wish I had the years left to do it over. You go girl I can’t say I have ever thought of you as anything but a go getter! Keep it up!😊

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